Power searching

Regular expressions

Searchmonkey is an easy to use app with a friendly look, but do not be deceived by its simplistic look and feel. Searchmonkey enables fast and precise searching of files from your computer. With the power of regular expressions, and context driven results, Searchmonkey is the ideal tool to find files and content on your desktop. In addition to finding files based on content, Searchmonkey lets you find files by name, extension, date, or file-size.

Regular expressions (or Regex for short) are a unique language specifically designed to describe searches. Regex is a powerful and precise way of describing searches ensures that you find exactly what you want. Sys admins have been using Regex for years to make their lives easier. Now Searchmonkey enables everyone harness this power.


Support open software

Searchmonkey is made by its users for its users. Open source software is not just about free software; it is fast becoming the organic software of the future. And its future is fully sustainable. So what are you waiting for? Join the open source revolution today!

Searchmonkey is not only free to download, you can also get the full source code! This empowers users such as yourself to build on Searchmonkey and take ownership of the project. This also means that people all around the world can enjoy Searchmonkey.

Searchmonkey screen shot!

Precise Searching

Find and edit

Searchmonkey provides a simple way of finding files buried in a collection of folders, but this is not all. With advanced search parameters you can search by date, extension type, file size, and more besides. Searchmonkey gives you control of your files and is the perfect tool for discovering hard to find files.

When Searchmonkey has found the files and content in the results list the real fun begins. Editing files becomes a breeze as they can quickly be opened with your favourite editor. Making Searchmonkey the ideal partner to most software.

Context results

Advanced Programming

Searchmonkey quickly delivers results that show the matches within context. This means that you get to see the results quicker, and only show results that matter. Searchmonkey uses powerful regular expressions and advanced search filters to bring you only the results you want to see.

Searchmonkey is an ideal partner for software development of any kind - be it PHP, HTML, C#, Javascript and many more besides. Using the power of regular expressions, Searchmonkey will quickly find the class, method or variable without compromise.