Searchmonkey News

Here is the latest news from Searchmonkey HQ!
  1. Searchmonkey 0.8.3 is available now:-

    Available in RPM or SOURCE packages, with DEB coming soon!

    1.1 Fixed

    1.1.1- when the size of text preview is too large, the highlighting is misplaced - this bug is known by Adam : DONE
    1.1.2- word wrapping isn't effective : DONE
    1.1.3- all advanced options (expert mode) aren't sometimes effective ; why ? Because if the notebook isn't opened on position #2, those options are inactives ! Now, even if notebook is in position #3, those options are ACTIVES. DONE
    1.1.4- sometimes, even if the option 'show line contents' activated, Searchmonkey show ONLY one line : DONE (seems linked to somewhat with wizard , if the wizard is activated, even for nothing, BEFORE research, the display is correct !)
    1.1.5- reactivated "limit content hits" options in notebook's option panel. DONE
    1.1.6- option 'simple search syntax' isn't activatable : reactivated. DONE
    1.1.7- when "extra lines" for "containing text search" is activated, the highlighting was misplaced : DONE
    1.1.8- found a "cool" bug mistmach between Kilo-bytes and Mega-bytes file size display : DONE
    1.1.9- isn't really a bug, but under /configuration>preferences and systeme calls in dialog if we want that the web browser is called correctly, the correct syntax is (for example Firefox : /usr/bin/firefox and the parameter only %f) ; fixed by remobe the "new-tab" string. DONE
    1.1.10- With the "Test Regular expressions" dialog, the highlighting is wrong (shifted) with accented chars (i.e. chars with more than ONE byte by char) ; it's not critical, but annoying. DONE

    2. Improvements

    1- changed application's icons to a more "flat" style : DONE
    - remove all deprecated symbols and function inside Gtk (widgets) (compatible with gtk >=2.24) : DONE
    - modify main window title acording to user's research : DONE
    - now the searched containing text is really highlighted with a yellow backgound : DONE
    5- the color dialog now changes the BACKGROUND color for highlighting, like a 'Stabilo pen' : DONE
    - choosed word justify in preview at "left justify" : DONE
    - added PDF file parsing, recquires libpoppler : DONE
    - added support to parse doc-x files : DONE
    - added support to parse ODT files : DONE
    10- allow Searchmonkey to be launched with arguments, like this : searchmonkey -d {directory} -f {filename} -t {containing text} ; then the app opens at this directory but user must clicks itself to launch search. Example : searchmonkey -d /home/tux -f txt -t linux will open searchmonkey configured to scan directory '/home/tux' to search files containing in their names 'txt' and search inside files the string 'linux'. ONE to THREE parameters (-d and/or -t and/or -f) are allowed. Of course -? display help ! DONE
    - added combo box in order to choose the scale of file size between Kb/Mb/Gb : DONE
    - added code to allow "limit content hits" to be functional : I've wrote the code, now Searchmonket highlights ONLY the 'n' first hits as user requested. DONE
    - Several Dialogs are now in kind of "Mac" (user-friendly) style with icons. DONE
    14- completed french & russian translation : DONE (russian should be better ;-))

    • polished various parts of the GUI : TODO/in PROGRESS
    • allow Searchmonkey to be launched via "actions" with PCManFM : PROGRESS, but we have to modify install scripts, the 'action' works. In other case, please install manually the file 'searchmonkey-action.desktop' found in /data directory to you user hidden directory : ~/.local/share/file-manager/actions/
    • add support to parse ODS and XLS-X files : in PROGRESS (very easy to do, but isn't useful if the preview can't display a kind of spreadsheet...)


  2. Now there is no excuse not to download Searchmonkey for your platform in your language!

    For Linux we have RPMs, GZ and DEB (coming soon).
    For Windows we have EXE, JAR, ZIP (coming soon).

    We currently support English and French, with some Russian support and more coming soon.

  3. The JAVA Edition of Searchmonkey is ready for alpha testing. Please let me know your comments and let's make Searchmonkey the best cross-platform tool for power desktop searching!


  4. Searchmonkey users can now request support on the searchmonkey homepage:

    Check it out today, and while you are here why not download the latest 0.8.2 release?

  5. Searchmonkey is easy to install, but while we wait for the distros to automatically package and bundle Searchmonkey 0.8.2 users can benefit from the newest release by compiling the source code.

    For some this is easy, for others - perhaps this is their first time - and if so they can check out the FAQs available in the WIKI.

    Enjoy - there is much more to come still!