Searchmonkey in Action

Searchmonkey is simple to use and gives great results. Check out this video for a demonstration of how to use Searchmonkey.

Contributing to Searchmonkey

The best thing about open source is getting involved! Searchmonkey is no exception and you can get contribute in many ways such as translating Searchmonkey to your language, re-compiling Searchmonkey onto new platforms, posting messages to the support forum, or joining the development team. Whatever your skill set get involved today!

contribute to Searchmonkey

Compiling Searchmonkey

Searchmonkey is easy to compile and develop. If you are interested, please download the latest Qt development package along with the the full source code (ZIP file) and start developing today! Remember to send in your code to us so that we can further improve Searchmonkey for everyone's benefit. If you are interested in being a part time Searcghmonkey developer then get in contacted - we are always looking for new programmers!

contribute to Searchmonkey

Regular Expression Searches

Regular expressions (or Regex for short) are a unique language specifically designed to describe searches. Regex is a powerful and precise way of describing searches ensures that you find exactly what you want. Sys admins have been using Regex for years to make their lives easier. Now Searchmonkey enables everyone harness this power.

Power of RegEx

Looking for other versions?

Earlier versions of Searchmonkey are still available - prior to version 2.0 Searchmonkey used the GTK toolkit, but development has switched to Qt for current releases. In addition, you can download the full Source Code (ZIP file). In addition, many Linux versions exist, for example Ubuntu users can install Searchmonkey directly from the Universe repository. Fedora users can find pre-compiled RPM packages. FreeBSD users will find Searchmonkey built into the standard package management system.

Searchmonkey is available on a variety of platforms