Introducing Searchmonkey

Searchmonkey is different to other desktop search engines. Users can search for file names and contents using powerful regular expressions. This enables Searchmonkey to be much more precise when it returns hits. In addition, searchmonkey doesn't just show you a list of files that might contain what you are looking for, it helpfully displays the content with the matches highlighted.

Powerful Regular Expressions

Ideal for software development

Regular expressions provide the perfect balance of raw power, and ease of use. If you are in a hurry, simply typing a key word will find all documents that contain the text.
Searchmonkey is optimised for text based searching as found in compiled and scripted software. Source code such as HTML, PHP, C++, Java, CSharp and Perl can be quickly scanned for key functions and classes making development easier.

Highly portable

Community Supported

Searchmonkey is written using the cross-platform development kit Qt by Nokia. This means that it can be converted to any language, and most modern platforms with ease.
Searchmonkey is made by its users for its users. Open source software is not just about free software; it is fast becoming the organic software of the future. And its future is fully sustainable.
  • Advanced Regular Expressions
  • Fast responsive interface
  • Results shown in-context
  • Up-to-date searching
  • Context view dynamically updates during search
  • Advanced search features
  • Optimised for text files
  • Cross-platform (Windows/Linux)
  • Full source code available
  • Free to download

Searchmonkey 2.0.0

Windows, Linux, Mac or BSD

Free Download
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